Kyle Wiens from iFixit on Triangulation


I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of this yet but it started interesting and the blurb indicates that they are getting into the right to repair stuff.

Kyle Wiens is the co-founder of iFixit. He talks to Megan Morrone about tearing down computers and protecting our right to repair them.

Triangulation 373: Kyle Wiens, iFixit


Yes. … he gets into Right to Repair and the needs for it at about 25 mins in. Then he talks about how new Mac T2 (MacBook Air) and their restriction to repairers (only those with Apple diagnostics). Describes it as a ‘guillotine’ hanging over the repair industry, as all new parts need to be ‘synchronised to the software’. Then back to wider copyright law (and its abuse) and Right to Repair about 30 mins in. At 58 mins, he covers the issue in Norway (Apple claiming illegal import and trademark infringement and counterfeit, which was ultimately thrown out by court). Then discusses issues around control of ecosystems more widely. Good overview.