Kickstarter Environmental Resource Centre for makers


We’ve talked for years with Kickstarter’s rep in Europe, Heather, who already had a keen interest in sustainability. We didn’t know anything was happening, but they started and finished this project to encourage and help makers make more sustainable products. We are pleasantly surprised.

Here are the materials themselves, including checklists:

They would like our feedback. We’ve yet to read through fully but what we see is encouraging so far.

Perhaps we can discuss what the platform itself can do to encourage more makers to take up their suggestions!


Ooh, excellent! Just having a quick glance through, I can see some good advice, e.g.:

Consider how your product can be repaired if it breaks: Make disassembly easy (by choosing screws to bind parts instead of glue, for example 1.3) and use easily replaceable parts.

Will need to read through in more detail, but it does look promising.


It does mostly seem like a portal leading to existing resources.

In future, we’d like to see Kickstarter owning more of its own resources and creating auditable checklists for makers/producers, that customers could verify and hold them account to.