Join the MAKE SMTHNG Week 2018, from 23 November - 2 December

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that The Restart Project just joined MAKE SMTHNG Week, co-organised by Greenpeace, #breakfreefromplastics, Shareable, ArtsThread, Fab Labs, the Fab City Global Initiative, Giacimenti Urbani and others.

We would love for all Restarters groups to be involved.

What is it?
MAKE SMTHNG Week will take place from November 23rd to December 2nd and brings people together to gain first-hand experience in making more out of what we already own – by sharing, caring, repairing, upcycling and swapping fashion, food, tech, toys and more. It aims to connect and amplify the growing movement of makers, repairers and of alternatives to rampant consumerism and trigger wider changes in behaviour around shopping.

How can you get involved?
If you’re planning a Restart Party, Repair Cafe or other community repair event in between 23 November and 2nd December, register your events here.

Join online
If you are not in a position to organise an event yourself, you and your community can also join MAKE SMTHNG Week by sharing content on social media channels or promoting the project in your networks or with members. Check out the open source designs & content here.


@Alistair_Brown, @Bernadette_Vandercammen, @Fernando_GA, @Frank, @Janet, @Jessika_Richter, @Marie_Lefebvre, @Sergio, @Sol_Moyano & @Sophia_Flucker
It looks like you folks already have events planned during the week of MAKE SMTHNG. Do you have a couple of mins to add your events to their global list?

Doing so would really help boost the repair contingent (and might even help new people find your events!)

I have added our event. with some issues because using Internet Explorer did not work.
Have a nice day and weekend!

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I deleted the email, looked very spammy to me.

Hi Stuart - not sure what you mean. Had you received an email from the organisers of the event?

Yes they picked up on our next Repair Cafe event and wanted to promote it.

I’ve added our event as well, thanks for flagging!


Yep, added! :slight_smile:


Here are the best designs for us. The materials are totally overwhelming!