Join the Global Fixers Discord Server

We’ve added a Global Fixers Discord Server to facilitate around-the-clock around-the-world repair collaboration amongst Fixers.

Unfamiliar with Discord? It’s a communication and collaboration platform that is popular with gamers. It supports chat, voice, and video, file and image upload, etc. enabling both real time and out-of-sync communication and knowledge transfer. Like everything: this is an experiment exploring Discord’s capabilities and features and, of course, its effectiveness.

How are we gauging Discord’s effectiveness as a collaboration platform for promoting repair? At the moment the (admittedly lofty) objectives are:
-Blur the roles of Fixers and participants/presenters with the goal of making “everyone a Fixer.”
-Reach a younger overall demographic with the message that repair is possible.
-The moonshot: a wholesale change in the consumer mindset vis-a-vis their consumption.

All Restarters – and any current local community repair volunteer or aspiring repairer – anywhere in the world – are welcome to join;
-Sign up at, select the “ONGOING: Repair via Global Fixers Discord Server” option to get an invite to the Global Fixers Server.
-PM me, @james or @Jessika_Richter for an invite to the Global Fixers Server.

And we’re interested in your experience with both the Discord and the Global Fixers Server on-boarding process, let us know if you encounter any difficulty.

Looking forward to fixing with you online, -Peter


Amen to anything that gets our movement off of Facebook @Peter_Mui!

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