Item repaired. Need help updating your records


My De’Longhi Icona coffee machine was listed for the Ely repair café on 26 May 24 but it has since been repaired with help from the Bassingbourn repair café on 13 April 24.: Successful repair of De’Longhi Icona coffee machine.

I would now like to

  • update the Ely repair café record of my De’Longhi Icona coffee machine which is now repaired
  • I think I’ve accidentally volunteered myself to be a repairer at Ely. I’m happy to attend, but I’m not a repairer
  • somehow mark my item as repaired and thus credit you with the 3kg weight that will not now be recycled

Thank you

Hi John,

It was great to see that you managed to fix the coffee machine. Congratulations!

In theory, it is possible for the hosts of a group or event to update the repair records for their events.

But I looked through the only previous event listed on the system by Ely Repair Café, but couldn’t find the coffee machine.

It might be worth contacting @Ely_Repair_Cafe directly to check whether you device was listed.

(There’s also Haddenham, Ely Repair Cafe , but I couldn’t find a coffee machine in either of their previously listed events either.)

Sorry I can’t be of more help!

Thank you for your response.

The Ely event currently has ONE ‘item at this event ’: my coffee machine. I’m asking whether or not this item can be updated to confirm that it has been repaired and thus contribute positively to your CO2 savings.

Hi John,

Ah apologies, I didn’t realise it had been added to the event on the 25th of May! It’s very unusual for items to be added to upcoming events, so I didn’t twig…

Given you’ve RSVPd for that event, I believe you should be able to update that record yourself by clicking the pencil icon that appears on the right:

If you can’t see that icon, one of us site admins could do it for you. But either way, it’s probably worth checking in with the event organiser(s) first to make sure they’re happy for this to be added to their event, especially as the cofee maker won’t actually be brought to the event. I know different organisers often have different practices around this :slight_smile:

Does that make sense?

Done. Thank you. I’m guessing someone else updates the waste/emissions prevented figures, as I don’t appear to be able to?

As an aside, I hadn’t originally intended to create that entry. I thought I was registering to attend the Ely (Cambridgeshire) library event as a repairee with my coffee machine. It seems I had registered as a repairer! I’ll still go along and provide help if I can.

Anyway. Once again. You have been very helpful.

Hi John,

The calculation for emissions and waste saved only triggers once an event has begun. This is to allow organisers (or repairer volunteers) to “pre-register” any items they know will be brought to the event without affecting the group’s statistics before the event starts.

The system isn’t really designed to log repairs done outside of events.

Thanks for providing that context though - it’s useful to hear what you were trying to do :slight_smile:
As you discovered, the system also isn’t really designed for attendees to events; it’s more for organisers and volunteer repairers. Some groups do have separate systems for booking slots (for attendees). In the case of Ely Repair Café, I believe that system is here: