Iphone 12 anti-repair strategy

Enlightening video about the new Iphone 12 anti-repair strategy.

It’s unbelievable how far Apple goes to avoid 3rd parties repairs.


Yes! We’re talking about this on our radio show this week. But Samsung too is guilty of doubling down on “serialisation” of parts.

We’re doing our best to bring this issue into various policy processes ongoing at a European level, but they move slowly and we need to do as much as possible to call this out and raise awareness.

We’re actually looking for a member of the community who might be able to learn as much as possible on these moves by manufacturers, in a technical sense, and help us explain to a wider audience. Thinking pros like @Junaid or engineers like @benski could really help with this!

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We just published a podcast interview with Rico Cerva about this — might be worth one of us joining his 25k strong Facebook group?