Introduction to the Student Repair Revolution - and some useful resources!

Hello repairers!

We thought we would set up a platform on here for people working on repair initiatives in universities and other HEI’s. We know these environments can bring their own unique challenges and opportunities, and we really want groups to have a forum to connect and discuss key topics with each other.

If you have any confusion about navigating this platform - the ‘help’ tab has lots of useful advice. If you want to you can set up a group, set up events and also track your repair data. You can also find numerous other discussions relevant to the repair community - from campaigning to particularly difficult repair issues. We thought it might be useful to host this little community on here, just so you could access all the tools available and other conversations in the repair space.

Here are some resources that might be particularly useful for operating in a university space:

We’ll keeping adding to these resources - and would love to hear anything else that would be useful for you all! We can’t wait to hear all your thoughts and see more of the amazing ideas and events you come up with. Please start up new topics about areas that you’re interested in other people’s experience with - e.g. insurance, volunteer repairers, research and anything else that comes to mind.


Thanks for setting this up! I’m looking forward to hearing others’ experiences and sharing our own.