Interesting movements in the U.S. regarding the Right to Repair

There’s an interesting piece on Wired’s website about the Right to Repair in the U.S.

About 20 states have considered right-to-repair bills that either close certain loopholes or require manufacturers to provide access to information, tools, and parts for independent repairs.

I wonder if it will come to anything or get buried by lobbyists from the big companies…

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Yes, we’ve been watching this too. The initial policy hook seems to have been those warranty-voiding stickers, but the scope of the FTC interest seems to have expanded.

In the UK, the government merely slapped Apple on the wrist for “Batterygate” whereas in Italy (and other European countries?) central government anti-trust authorities took a harder line. Similarly at the EU level, while the EC has taken on Google and Apple on anti-trust, not clear whether this is a potential path forward for Right to Repair.

We’re watching the impact of this recent letter over Google Ads