HP firmware update blocks use of third-party ink

Latest shenanigans from HP around inkjet printers:

“HP have updated their printers to outright ban ‘non-HP’ ink! They no longer shows the ‘can’t guarantee quality’ message, but instead cancels your print completely until you inset a HP ink cartridge,” Reddit user grhhull posted Tuesday. "After contacting HP, they advised ‘this is due to the recent ‘update’ of all printers.’

There is a very active Reddit thread on the topic. The general consensus on which seems to be:

  • just avoid printing
  • use a laser printer if you can
  • use Brother

Not cool. I’m pleased to have a printer that’s so old it won’t dial home to get firmware updates.

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As if printers weren’t already a nightmare…!

@VALERIO_FARFANICCHIA, do you still re-manufacture toner cartridges? Wondering whether you have any thoughts on this

I once had a temporary job at the University of London servicing printers. It was enough to convince me I never wanted to own one :sweat_smile: Instead, I’m grateful that I’ve always lived near corner shops that allow printing for a few cents per page for the rare occasions I need to use one!

Wouldn’t it be nice if, as @Gregg_Ferry argued, the business managers would just let the engineers do their thing…

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Printers are just horrible to repair.

Customers call our shop, asking “Do you fix printers?”. My answer is, “Rarely”.


This sounds like Groundhog Day :frowning:

They’ve done this (or something equivalent to this) at least once before.

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