How to report a post or message

The Restarters community aims to be a welcoming, actively inclusive and radically open space. Above all, it’s intended to be a safe space where everyone feels able to join in.

We’ve outlined these values in our community guidelines, which are worth reading if you haven’t already.

While this forum is actively moderated by the admin and moderator teams, you may occasionally come across posts or messages that break these guidelines.

If you see anything on the forum that you think shouldn’t be here, please flag it.

This could include anything that falls outside the spirit of the community guidelines, such as spam, a joke that comes at the expense of another community member, an offensive remark, unsafe repair advice and so on. It could also include posts that are off-topic and should be moved elsewhere.

:speech_balloon: If you would also like to speak to someone privately about something that’s made you uncomfortable, you are welcome to send a message to any of the following members of staff: @james, @Vanessa_Ternes, @Janet, @ugo. You can also reach out to our volunteer advocate @RestarTen.

How to flag a post or message :triangular_flag_on_post:

  1. At the bottom of the post or message you want to flag, click the 3 dots next to the Reply button. Then click the flag icon when it appears:

  2. You’ll see a pop up box asking you to choose a reason for flagging the post in question:

  • It’s off-topic
  • It’s inappropriate
  • It’s spam
  • Something else (you can write your own reason here)
  1. Select the most relevant option and click the ‘Flag Post’ button at the bottom

What happens when a post or message is flagged?

We believe moderation should be as community-led as possible. This means that community members have the collective ability to hide posts that are problematic without having to wait for a moderator or member of staff to come online. Whenever a post is flagged, it receives a certain number of ‘points’. The exact number depends on who is flagging the post (flags from more active members add more points) and the nature of the report. If a particular post reaches a certain number of points, it is automatically hidden pending review by the moderation team.

The moderation and admin team will review flagged and hidden posts and may decide to move the post, restore it or delete it. In any case, they will get in touch with the person/people involved to explain the decision taken.