How to conduct repair based summer camp online?


We are planning to repair summer camps for children through online platforms…Looks like a difficult objective but not impossible …please sugguest how can we conduct it…

Hi Purna,

This is a really interesting idea. @Janet recently came across someone running daily art classes via YouTube live as a way of engaging children who are stuck at home. It would be fantastic to develop something similar for repair.

What kinds of activities were you thinking of trying?

There’s a conversation here about running events online. In that conversation, I linked to this CMX article, which lists lots of online platforms (half way down the page).

We’ve also been thinking about how we could run educational workshops for children and young people online. One of our ideas is to run a ‘what’s inside a smartphone’ session using our Materials Matter resources.

A while back, we also developed a 10-session enrichment programme about repair. It was designed for in-person workshops, but perhaps some of this could be adapted to an online environment?

Teaching the theory (why repair is important, barriers to repair and so on) should be fairly straight-forward. I think one of the more tricky questions is the ‘hands-on’ element. Watching someone else disassemble or repair something isn’t as engaging as doing it yourself. But what’s a safe, practical way to help kids get access to a broken item and help them handle it? Supervision from a responsible adult is important. What’s the best way to ensure that happens?

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It seems there are seriously safeguarding questions to be considered here. I think probably kids-only-supervised-by-adults would be a good starting point.


Thanks for the inputs James…we have thought of inviting an adult along with a child to join this online programs so that safety element can be taken care of and also adult may help to implement repair practice at home … For us I still have to convince others that this is possible…

We had started conducting online discussions on zoom platform …the first. Day half of us could not join… teething problems like mike was mistakingly on mute etc…second day some of us faced internet problems like the connection was getting disconnected…i was struggling to juggle between mobile internet and wifi…still some us couldn’t join on second day as well. We have few challenging questions …some help is required to handle the technical glitches, online cannot be a replica of offline , can we do a live streaming or record a video…we still to figure out…today will be our next meeting where everyone will conduct a 2 min training session…whether this will work or not .??..but its fun to be together online where everybody is home alone!!!

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Looking for a suitable title for online program for kids…get your kids to handle broken items!!