How can you get the average person to care about the right to repair movement when they only care when they have their phone broken?

Hello, my name is Shaquel Simpson-Kothari, and I want to turn the average person at home into a technician.

I’m a computer programmer, and I have been working on a new project of mine called Phone Biddy.

Phone Biddy is a free web application that connects people who have broken phones to technicians, currently, the web application is at stage beta version 1.1, with a fully functionally CRM (customer relationship management) here is a list of features it has

  • Book in a Device (Add customers on your system and book them in)

  • Manage Team (Manage your staff)

  • Search Articles (Find information that can help you solve a problem with a device or tech news)

  • Create Articles (Post useful information about the right to repair movement, how to fix, or tech news to help the repair community)

I plan on launching Phone Biddy to the consumer (person with a broken device) at beta version 1.5, and this is how it will work


  1. Enters their postcode

  2. The model number of the device

  3. Problem with the device

  4. See’s active technicians online

  5. Waits a couple of minutes for quotes

  6. Chooses the technician of choice and confirms the booking


  1. Receives notification of the local customer

  2. Receives information about the model and problem with the device

  3. Places their quote (no other technicians can see)

  4. Waits to be selected, if chosen confirms the booking

I would like to innovate a syllabus with some smart technicians to teach people how to repair phones, I can imagine them being on a course where they will get the following.

  • Tools to repair

  • A phone to dismantle

I’m sure you know what they need to be able to achieve this plan I have.

I would like you to join me at Google meets on the:

Date: 7th January 2021

Time: 10 am - 10:30 am

How to create a free account with Phone Biddy:

I think this is a great initiative. However, I suggest a name change…


Funny you mention that its actually going to be part of our marketing campaign as we have a song lol,

“Just 2 clicks to get your phone fixed, broke my phone it got repaired quick”

Its a gimmick garage song @james has heard the song very catchy he said to me, (But not hes type of music)

Is this a free service?

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Well done

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As you can see from the spelling mistakes I’m going to push an update now I was tired when I pushed the update to the server. I’m just redesigning the email receipt, which happens every time you book in a customer :slight_smile:

But thank you Tim for your support.