Help us collect good anecdotes about spare parts price

Hi everyone,

As part of the European Right to Repair campaign, we’re collecting data about outrageous spare part prices. I’m sure you’ve all experienced a situation when purchasing the spare part was (almost) prohibitive. You can help us by sharing your stories directly in this spreadsheet, where you can find examples of the type of information we’re after.

We’re trying to be precise and detailed. We’re planning to use this data as part of an upcoming stunt outside the European Parliament, and more in general to raise awareness about how the price of spare parts is often a key barrier to things getting repaired - in the UK, in Europe and beyond.

Please help us by sharing your experience by Sunday 15th October

If you want to share extra details or if you have any further question, we’ll be happy to hear from you - thanks! :slight_smile:


Just adding that permissions have been updated in the spreadsheet, so if you had problems contributing to it before, it should be fine now - thanks!

Added a steam iron.

Getting a few more domestic electricals would be good … Hair dryers? Food mixers/blenders?

For anyone who ends up on this thread, the result of this work was brilliant:

  1. You can watch a video of the stunt we did outside the EU Parliament here
  2. We also published a blog post detailing all the problems with spare parts prices
    Thanks @Mark_Phillips for your excellent pictures!!

A problem well documented is not (yet) a problem solved, but it’s positive to see politicians starting to quote our data to explain what needs to change