Help information about how to open Repair Cafes laptop, computers

Hello everyone ,
I finish my training PC maintenance hardware and software , and topology Networking and security Malware , At moment I study with cisco security and server .
I wand to open Repair Cafes laptops, computers ,Mobile phone, tablet
What I need how to start to open the repair coffee
Thank you
Is Great from you.

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Hi Faiz,

Congratulations on finishing your training on PC maintenance!

When thinking about setting up a new Repair Café or Restarters group, it’s always a good idea to check whether there are already any existing groups or events happening in your area. This is because it’s better to join an existing group than to start a new one in the same place (there are only so many repairers in each area).

Am I right in thinking that you’re based in London? If so, there are lots of groups already running repair events. Perhaps you know some of them already?

In any case, if you have entered your location in your Restarters profile you can see any nearby groups on the platform here.

Do you have any groups nearby already?

Good Morning Sir ,
I don’t have any groups How can I do to make a search , If possible send me all information ,
how to do and i am very grateful
Thank you

It looks like you’ve set your location in your profile, so you should see a list of nearby groups on this page (just click that link :slight_smile: )

Alternatively, you can search for groups by location on this page. Just type your location (city / town / county) into the ‘search location’ box to see groups in the area.

Thank you
I don’t have any groups I am looking for a group I lack information
and thank you all for reminding me
if you could help me with how to do and how to search


Hi Faiz -

If you tell us where you are we may be able to help you better. You joined the London Restarters group - are you in London and if so which part? Or if you’re somewhere else we can’t easily help you without knowing where.

Hello Thank you for reply .
Yes ,I live in London Borough in Haringey N176YH
Have a Good day Sir

Hello Thank you for reply is Great from you
Thank you

Hi Faiz,

The two nearest groups to you are probably:

If you are interested in helping people repair laptops, computers, phones and tablets, you can contact the organisers of these groups to ask if you can help. They are:

As I mentioned, you can also search for other groups by location on this page ( ← click here). Just type your location (city / town / county) into the ‘search location’ box to see groups in the area. Like this:

Group search

(Cc: @Shelini_Kotecha)

Hi Thank you for your message I will be to contact them
T hank you