Happy #RepairDay! Share your celebration here 🥳

Happy International Repair Day everybody! :partying_face:

Despite many of us not being able to celebrate the day together in person, it’s amazing to see that there are nearly 200 events happening around the world (see them all here), many of these online!

How are you celebrating the day where you are?
Share your stories, photos, screenshots or social media posts below!

:bulb: Nothing planned yet? It’s not too late to join the fun! Use #RepairDay on social media and find ideas and shareable goodies here!

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I’m spending the day in Leuven with our friends Repair & Share and MAAKbar Leuven. We’ve just had a mini Right to Repair demonstration and are now starting a repair-themed guided tour of the city :city_sunrise:


C’est avec plaisir que nous avions célébré ce jour #RepairDay2020. Nous étions en compagnie de petits enfants écoliers pour ‘‘le challenge du meilleur assembleur de pièces’’. Nous sommes sortis de la ville pour aller dans un petit village


I visited a repair shop found via the repair directory… and had a nice walk to and fro (apart from carrying a heavy amp!)


In London, we dedicated #RepairDay to independent repair businesses and our Repair Directory. We hosted an online event to map repair businesses in new boroughs of London. We also met in small groups, to go on walks in several neighbourhoods and meet local repair businesses there. It’s been a fun day, and we will have plenty of new additions to the repair directory shortly :slight_smile:

You can read more in this blog post: Repair is essential! Here is how we celebrated International Repair Day - The Restart Project