Great BBC Devon interview with Ian from Crediton

Well done to @Ian_Barnard for this interview on BBC Devon, starts at 01:06:00

He explains the “Right to Repair” and singles out smartphone manufacturers :no_mobile_phones:


Great work @Ian_Barnard!
Nice to hear the link between community events and the Right to Repair in particular :r2r:

Also nice to hear @catherine_causley later on (from 01:39:00) taking about The Big Fix, 2020 and a variety of reuse and repair schemes across Devon

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Sorry haven’t been here for a while, being completely overtaken by the demands of moving house, decorating, and painting - not necessarily in that order.

You are too kind, but yes the interview went much better than I had expected given the BBC only asked if I would join the show a couple of hours before :-o

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A couple of hours?! Double well done in that case!

And welcome back Ian, lovely to hear from you :slight_smile:
Hope moving is going (/has gone) well!