Getting great feedback about the social benefits of your events - with Sarah and Janet (Cinema room)

When & where?

:clock230: 14:45-15:30
:compass: Cinema room

Why you should come to this session

Have you been asked by local authorities or funders for more data or insights into the social impacts of repair events? Would learning more about participant experience motivate you and your group? Join us to discuss a couple of simple methods you can incorporate into your events, and simple follow-ups.

Session outline

We have some ideas to share for feedback, but we will also facilitate a conversation with the group.

About the facilitator(s)

@Sarah_Hargreaves works with Resource Futures, an independent environmental consultancy business, “an employee-owned, non-profit-distributing company with a 25-year heritage of environmental improvement”

@Janet helped co-found The Restart Project, and has worked for over ten years with social movements and advocacy organisations.

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One idea I’d like to try to get feedback at events is a simple old visitor’s book.
Has anyone tried this at Restart Parties?


We can discuss this during this session! We thought of having something more like a visitor “wall” where people could post comments, thoughts etc.

I’ll be there, of course :smiley_cat:

The nice thing about a book, rather than a wall is that it’s human-sized & it lasts more than one session, so people can look back & see what others have said.

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