Get involved: International Repair Day on Saturday 20 October!

Hi Restarters,

We’re making plans for the second edition of International Repair Day, to be celebrated Saturday 20 October.

We’d like to focus this year’s edition on our Right to Repair, at a time when there’s a growing global momentum to push manufacturers and legislators to remove barriers to repair, including access to spare parts, repair information and product design making repair easier.

We have a few initial ideas (below) on how Repair Day can be celebrated, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to make it memorable! In the mean time, if you’re scheduling a Restart Party with your local group, it’d be fantastic if you would consider Saturday 20 October, to coincide with Repair Day!

Initial thoughts: How can it be celebrated?
Repair Day is about making repair as visible as possible, in order to remind everyone that repair should be our first option when something stops working, before considering recycling. Therefore, let’s celebrate this day by enjoying repair in our communities, supporting our local repair professionals and taking time to learn or share a new skill.

Groups all over the world are encouraged to run a community repair event to collaboratively fix their products. If you run them already, schedule a special one on the day to celebrate Repair Day. If you’re interested in starting, this is a perfect time to do so!

People everywhere are invited to look for something they’ve been meaning to repair, find the time to fix it themselves if they can, look for repair information, attend a community repair event, or find a repair professional who can help. Also, why not find a nearby repair event and become a volunteer there?

Independent repair shops can join the celebrations by running special events and promotions on the day

Companies selling repair tools and spare parts could support International Repair Day by sharing information about it, endorsing it and perhaps running their own events too


Hi everyone, an update on Repair Day. We’ve published the kit for getting involved, including the updated logo below - hope you like it!

Find out more at:

If you’re planning a special event, please submit it, so we can add it to the global map.
Also, if any of you’d like to support with translating the press release template in your language, that would be fantastic - I’m thinking of you or people in your groups @ssebti, @Sergio, @marco


Here is the translated text in french :
International #RepairDay press release template 2018-FRENCH.pdf (73,2 Ko)

Unfortunately, we don’t have an event that day… but 4 days before and another one 4 days after :slight_smile:



Merci beaucoup, @ssebti! That was so quick :slight_smile: - too bad the dates don’t work, I’m sure you’ll have great pictures to share online with #RepairDay on the day

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i hope to find enough time to get it in the next day :wink:

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My pleasure ! We certainly will post images @Nebojsa_Adzic and I


There’s already over 100 confirmed events for International #RepairDay. Find the map and access resources to get involved on the day here:


If you can’t attend an event in person, you can share a repair picture or story on social media using hashtag #RepairDay


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We’ve now added a number more countries

and EFF and in the US have gotten behind the day!

Here’s our write-up of the day. Next year is 19th October, 2019. Please save the date for your community repair events.

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i missed that train.
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