Funding available for UK repair cafés (deadline: 31 May 2024)

Energy from waste operator, enfinium has launched a ‘Repair Café Support Fund’ of £60,000 for community-based repair cafés located near their facilities in the UK.

Any Repair Café located within a 30-mile radius of one of enfinium’s facilities across Kent, North Wales, West Yorkshire or the West Midlands can apply for funding of up to £1,500 per annum. The deadline for entries is 31 May 2024.

As far as I can tell, these are the application criteria:

  • Registered charities, not-for profit organisations, schools, places of learning, community, voluntary groups etc. are eligible for support;
  • Politically affiliated organisations are not eligible for support;
  • Organisations that discriminate based on the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 are not eligible for support;
  • Organisations that are considered not to be aligned with enfinium’s mission, vision or values shall not be eligible for support; and/or
  • any regional criteria specific to the areas in which enfinium operates will apply.

Some more info and the application form are available on enfinium’s site below:


Thanks for circulating that, James, it looks potentially very promising, and my groups happen to be inside the 30-mile radius of their nearest facility too!

We are considering making an application.

Kind regards,


That’s great to hear Phil!

If you collect info about the broken products brought to your events, you can add them to your events here on Restarters to generate some stats around the CO2e and waste you’ve prevented. Some groups have found that this can strengthen funding applications of this kind.

In any case, best of luck with the application if you do decide to go for it! :crossed_fingers:

Hi James. We have kept our own statistics about repairs and CO2 saved since we started back in 2016. I did look into importing that data into Restarters’ system, but it appeared to be overly difficult. However we have certainly got plenty of information to support an application.

I’m hoping our Manager and Treasurer will follow this up. Currently thinking of asking for funding to support another training day; we ran one on electrical safety and PAT testing, but that was several years ago.

I will certainly keep you posted. Thanks again,