Flashmob for the right to repair in Brussels on Tuesday - washing machines and dishwashers


Hi everyone,

We’re in the final stages of the “season of votes” for European ecodesign measures, bringing initial repairability criteria for appliances to be sold around Europe. This week there will be votes for dishwashers and washing machines.

The Restart Project alongside partner organisations based in Brussels is organising a flashmob to ask all EU member states (including the UK!) to vote for ambitious repairability criteria, ensuring that manufacturers make appliances easier to disassemble for repair, provide extensive access to spare parts and repair information for everyone - and not just for “professional” repairers.

Check out our blog post for more information and please share with contacts in Belgium :

Here’s our technical input, for those who are interested :nerd_face:


Excellent! I’ll be there :muscle:


For those who’ve never tangled with a washing machine before, sealed drums are one of the big impediments to repairs

That and embedded software. Would be interested to hear experience of Restarters.

Spindoctor Steve shares insights on our podcast - it’s one of my favourites. A two-parter