Fixfest UK 2023: Tickets now available! [updated]

We’re delighted to announce Fixfest UK 2023! This third edition of Fixfest UK will take place on Saturday 30 September 2023 in Cardiff, Wales.

Fixfest UK is open to all those involved in community repair across the UK. It will be a chance to lead or join workshops and talks and hands-on sessions to help us make repair the norm.

Note: for anyone outside of the UK, the next international Fixfest will likely take place in 2024 or 2025.

The themes for Fixfest UK this year are:

  • Strengthening the UK repair movement
  • The Right to Repair in the UK (and beyond)
  • Repairing in our communities
  • How to repair

It’s being organised by us at The Restart Project and our friends at Repair Cafe Wales in collaboration with our partners in the Community Repair Network.

Tickets will be available soon, but spaces will be limited.
Update: tickets are available here

For more information, visit the Fixfest website:


Exciting news: Tickets for Fixfest UK are now available!

Spaces are limited, so to help us ensure a good spread of people from across the UK, tickets are limited to two per community group.

Get your ticket to Fixfest UK

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Because we know that cost is a barrier for many, tickets are heavily subsidised with different pricing tiers available. And for those of you with the most expensive journeys, we also have a limited number of travel bursaries available.

Hope to see you in Cardiff on 30 September! :hammer_and_wrench:


Tickets have now sold out for Fixfest UK. But if you haven’t got yours yet, don’t panic!

We have opened a waiting list and plan to release more tickets soon. So if you’d like to come along, I’d strongly recommend joining a waiting list now:

Join the waiting list for Fixfest UK tickets

Want to share your work at Fixfest UK?

Good news! There’ll be lots of opportunities to share your work and spark discussions at Fixfest UK. Learn more on the official Fixfest site:

Hi , i proposed an idea for a session but nothing heard. Just wanted to know when you
will let us know so i can prep a little.

Hi Paul,

Apologies for the delay with this - we’ll be in touch shortly :slight_smile: