Fix me tags: making repair visible in community

Hi, I’m making repair tags for our local makerspace. The idea is that they can be hung on things that are broken and need fixing.

I’d be happy to share the files if anybody is interested. Can I upload SVG files here?


Thank for sharing Janna! They look cool!

You should be able to upload .svg files here, yep :slight_smile:

Nice! How about stickers ‘I was fixed by …‘ including a QR code to open the fixer’s website?

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One of our volunteers came up with the idea of making a Fixed sticker, which “certified” that the item was repaired in our repair café. The inspiration comes from the Japanese QC stickers. Therefore, our sticker is also in shiny gold :sparkles: We printed 200 for around 30$ incl. shipping on Aliexpress.