Fingers crossed for Norwegian repairer Henrik Huseby today 🇳🇴

All eyes on Norway today, as an Oslo court will decide on Apple’s appeal in their suit against professional repairer Henrik Huseby. Apple sued him for using refurbished mobile screens. They lost last year but appealed.


@Kaja_Juul_Skarbo (from Restarters Oslo) is in touch with Huseby’s lawyers, and is planning on dropping by the hearing. We are in touch the author of the story above, so we are hoping whatever happens for some good coverage.

Apparently Huseby will have to wait another two weeks (or more!) for a judgement. We’re going to talk with @Kaja_Juul_Skarbo about how we might be able to help in some way.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy Louis Rossman’s remote testimony to the Norwegian court. He posted it on YouTube :laughing:

Huseby is quoted in this Norwegian website, (machine translation with corrections)

“This is my job and what I live off of. I stand for what I do and don’t want to bow to Apple’s threats and demands. Apple wants a monopoly on repairs, so they do not sell original spare parts. I’m standing up for what I think is right”

Watch out for a Motherboard article, and potentially more media in coming weeks.

Here’s the Motherboard piece. Well done @Kaja_Juul_Skarbo :raised_hands:

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Here’s the latest: Apple won against Huseby. The court found the screens counterfeit, based on limited analysis of the glass on the refurbished screen assemblies. Lots of technicalities and annoying details, but in the end Apple is nearly successful in preventing third party repairers access to the best spare parts.

Huseby is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court. The machine translation here is truly awful, but…

Here’s a decent translation of the article above, by @Kaja_Juul_Skarbo

Huseby-case in Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.pdf (173.0 KB)


Here is my comment on the court decision:

Originally published in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv on July 16.

In the SMART project we are organising a team of legal experts to support Huseby in preparing for the appeal to the Supreme Court.

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Thanks for sharing this @Maja_van_der_Velden, it’s a really helpful summary!

What a travesty. I hope the Norwegian Supreme Court does the right thing.

This is maddening, enraging, stupefying, disheartening…and I still use an iPhone SE.