Fans - what the repair data shows

As it’s hot, I thought I’d look at our record repairing fans. :sweat_smile:

We have a 59% fix rate with fans, higher than the average! We have 118 attempted repairs recorded. Appears most end of life fans were either difficult to diassemble/reassemble or had burnt out motors. Here’s the raw data.

Also noticing we don’t have a Wiki page for fans! In case @philip or anybody else might want to crack onto that!

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A good suggestion @Janet, though there’s not a huge amount we could say about them beyond the obvious. Looking at the data the first thing that strikes me is that it would be enormously helpful if people could add details of what was wrong in the case of successful fixes. Indeed, for the failed fixes failed motors and disassembly problems seem to dominate. (I had a fan with a failed motor only last Saturday.) But I’m left largely guessing in the case of successful fixes - probably simple mechanical faults or breakages and damaged leads or switches.

(Expanding each row individually is tedious - it’s not possible is it to download a search result as a CSV file allowing columns to be hidden or expanded as required?)


I had the same reaction!

Here is the CSV I downloaded - not sure I get your question? But tagging @neil @james in case they can help

fans.csv (12.7 KB)

A lot of the failures are heater fans where the heating part has failed.

It’s currently only exportable by admins, but we’re working on it as we speak to add that for everyone!

It could also be useful to have an ‘expand all’ option in the interface itself.

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Including a viz of the repair status of fans (looks like 3 added since the original post, surprised we didn’t see more over the summer!):