Fake virus test on mac

Could you help me to find a fake virus script or fake virus test on the Mac and modify it if necessary?

I required for a session with children.


Hi @Purna - really interesting question.

Which antivirus software will you be using? You might have already tried this, but it’s possible that the EICAR test file might be picked up by it, though not all antivirus software does.

We created a fake one for windows. We have written a short program on our own. If you share your email id I can share those details. Since these files are txt, so here it does not allow me to upload.

Hi Neil,

How about this-

That seems to just be a simple AppleScript that displays a few ‘virus like’ messages and opens some applications. It needs to be run by the user before it does those things.

I understood your original question to mean you would like a dummy virus file that a virus scanner will detect as a virus, in order to show the children how virus scanners work. I might have misunderstood - is that what you’d like to do?

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If you need real live malware for macOS (at your own risk), Patrick Wardle maintains a download page at https://objective-see.com/malware.html

(Note that I have made the link intentionally broken, so no one clicks by mistake. You can copy and paste the URL if you really want to go there.)

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Yes …finally I found this link

and somebody tried on her mac book

This below link is the outcome-