Fairphone 4 life cycle assessment

Fairphone have published a detailed lifecycle analysis for the Fairphone 4. Including a focus on how extension of life through repair reduces environmental impact.

(the above link seems to be currently broken - but it’s also archived here)

It’s 215 pages… but quoting from the executive summary:

As production is the main driver for Fairphone 4 impacts, extension of use is a strong measure
to reduce the impacts per year of use. Based on the analysis, it is estimated that the GW
impact per year of use can be reduced by around 45% if prolonging use from 3 to 7 years.
The analysis of varying repair scenarios also shows that lifetime extension through repair is
beneficial, with the module repair approach (repair scenario B) being the best option of the

(Repair scenario B is sending modules back to a repair centre for board level repair rather than a full module replacement)

Treehugger has a look at the LCA here: