Event creation by admins - is approval needed?

I created an event on behalf of Restarters Kilburn. All fine, but I’m asked to “Approve” the event in a second screen after creating it. I even get an email requesting approval. Is this intended? Surely if an Admin creates an event, it doesn’t need approval?


Thinking out loud…

  • ‘Approving’ at the moment just means publish to Wordpress
  • I agree there’s no need for an Admin to create and also choose to publish to Wordpress - though from code-side it’s slightly simpler to have the two steps, even when it’s an admin doing both actions, so I’d put it as a low priority to change it, I don’t think it’s a lot of friction to do both steps.
  • I think we should send an email to Admins when another Admin creates an event, but reframe it from a ‘Moderation needed’ email to just an ‘Event created’ general notification. Good to know what events have been created, even by other Admins. If anyone as an Admin didn’t want to receive those specific emails, they can opt-out (more granular email opt-in/out is being added in the next round of work). The Admin who created it though shouldn’t receive an email, that’s definitely superfluous.

Agree - thanks for the solution, at least dropping the email to the same person is a step forward

Thanks, I’ve logged these items here: