Europe's Circular Economy Action Plan paves the way for Right to Repair

We’ve got big news!

For the past few months, the Right to Repair European coallition has been campaigning to make smartphones longer lasting and more repairable through the #LongLiveMyPhone campaign.

Last week, the campaign reached its first goal as the European Commission published its Circular Economy Action Plan and it’s hitting all the right notes to make ‘right to repair’ a reality in Europe!

It acknowledges the need to prevent wasteful consumption and built-in obsolescence of many of our products notably though:

  1. A commitment to making products repairable starting with electronics
  2. A “new Right to Repair” with information on the lifespan of products, availability of repair services and spare parts
  3. A focus on smartphones, tablets and laptops including focus on both hardware and software

If you’re interested, you can read more about the campaign’s reaction here, what it means for right to repair and what needs to happen next to make it a reality.

Finally, if you signed the petition or shared the word about the campaign, we wanted to thank you! Because of your mobilisation, we were able to tell EU policy makers that Europeans care about repair.

This win is thanks to you!