Earth Day online event on mobiles for kids and parents (or anybody over 10 years old)

We’re planning a fun online event targeted at kids, but open to anybody, from 2pm on Earth Day, Wednesday. Please book this time with your kids if it fits into your home schooling schedule, or share with other parents and kids who might be interested. We’ll share the online link to those who register here


Have registered my kids and also shared on various school facebook groups/pages that I’m linked to down here.


Thanks! We only have 13 tickets left (out of 80 total) but we hope this is will be a proof of concept, and that we can deliver this live, on-demand to “classrooms” together with teachers :slight_smile:

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Hi Clare,

Hope you were able to join? Just ICYMI, we created some follow-up activities and a feedback form - but feel free to share your experience/feedback here too!

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A huge thanks to everyone who came and to those who left feedback.

We’ve written up the event here, which includes a recording:

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About “Mobiles Come from the Earth” : great job :smiley:
You mentioned that you are sharing the motion-graphics video and the script with your partners in the five other countries, so they can create events for their own local needs.
I would like to run an similar event in Belgium (with Repair Together) for kids during summer. Where can I find all materials (video, script,…) to do so ? (and translate in French^^).
Manu (Repair Together,BE)


Hi @Manu_RepairTogether :wave: I’m glad you liked our ‘Mobiles come from the Earth’ event! I’ve moved your post to the topic about the event itself.

The video we created for the session is available on:

We’re currently working out the best to offer translations for the screens with text, as it could take the mention graphics artist we worked with many hours to add translations and render new versions. I’ll let you know what progress we make :slight_smile:

We documented how we ran the session by collating various resources in a Google folder, [which I can send you via private message. You’re welcome to use any of the information there to inform your own planning. That folder also contains the script you mentioned.

More broadly, the video we created for the event is based on an illustration we commissioned and some additional resources we developed with partners in Sweden, Germany and Italy. You can find and download these here. They’re not currently available in French, however, the original InDesign files for most of these resources are available in English, meaning you should be able to do the translation yourselves if you have access to Adobe InDesign. If you do translate these, we’d just ask that you only change the text and leave the rest of the design as it is. We’d also love to be able to share it in French ourselves, so please do let us know if you create translations :slight_smile:

Hope that helps and I’ll let you know how we decide to offer translations for the video.

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Thanks James for your quick support :wink:

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