Donations of items to repair

:wave: everyone

Market Harborough Fixers C.I.C been going for 3 years and run a weekly Repair Cafe now.

We’re getting offers to donate items.

Mostly electrical & needing a small repair or even working but excess to requirements … a well meant intention.

However we’d then own an item without a outlet for it & most charity’s dont accept electrical goods.

Re selling it then for a monetry donation would be time consuming… and may have warranty implications.

Any ideas how to manage such proposals would be welcome



Here in Salisbury Uk, the repair shop is associated with a “Library of Things” where donated items can be hired by members for a minimal fee. Maybe you could start a similar organisation and the items would then generate a small income for your group.

Link as above. They would have some guidance on warranty and insurance applications.


Not sure how relevant this will be if most offers are for electrical items, but for most types of computing devices (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets…), there are lots of digital access groups that accept donations. Most tend to get them in good working order then pass them on to people who would benefit from these devices. We’ve compiled a UK-wide list of such groups here:

More generally, we’ve written up some additional options for unwanted electrical devices here:


A thought…

People want to donate items so that they can feel worthy about not wasting something but not have to put in any effort themselves,
so maybe you could politely push back by summarising the info on Unwanted electronics and elsewhere onto a web page and then point people at that,
so you educate people into solving their own problems, rather than passing them on to you.


A good idea for laptops but not maybe for coffee machines etc

We have the same problem. There are various organisations listed here
but I have not yet discovered how actively they see electrical appliances

Good link thanks

We eventually got a donation of 25£ for the coffee machine :grinning:

Best Regards Steve

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That’s good news. If anyone knows of an organisation in SW London that will accept faulty electricals, I have plenty to give away, including a caterer’s coffee machine