Discourse Playstore Android "App"

Installing the Android app and getting a message “Discourse requires that Google Chrome Stable is in…”

I don’t use Chrome on my mobile. Is this “app” just a Chrome-based wrapper for the HTML version of Discourse?

Reading here

Looks like the Android app is just a Chrome-based wrapper, yep. And it does require that Chrome is installed.

From what I can see, the only functionality it really adds is push notifications. Unless you’re happy to install Chrome, might be better off creating a shortcut to the homepage on your phone’s home screen.

Reporting back everyone that I’m now using restarter.net exclusively on Firefox for Android. Single-sign-on works, I can travel seamlessly between this discussion forum, the Fixometer and the Wiki. Cool feature of Discourse allows me to enable FF notifications for activity on Discourse, so I can get notifications about things I care about straight away. Would be great to enable this for Fixometer notifications too :wink: @neil