Designs that promote longer lasting products


I learned from @Stuart_Ward at Fixfest that a few of the older Thinkpad range of laptops have drainage system to try to safely drain out liquids when spilled on the keyboard.

I always knew the older Thinkpads were recommended for their quality of design, but I had no idea about this particular feature. Love it. As far as I can see newer Thinkpads are made spillproof by sealing the keyboard up rather than letting the water drain through. Which works too but I would guess also makes the part harder to disassemble/replace.

What are some other examples of hardware designs that promote longevity?


This might be true for some of the new ones, but luckily not all. (At least) the T series is extremely easy to disassemble, and keyboard can be taken off in a few simple steps. Also, while I’m not a “fanboy”, Lenovo provides very comprehensive service manuals for Thinkpads, probably a legacy of the IBM times, see for instance: