De Repair Marathon van Leuven

Invitation for the Repair marathon of Leuven

On Sunday, March 17 , the Repair marathon of Leuven will be hold for the first time at MAAKbar.

We do invite not only repairers from Leuven but also repairers from all over Belgium. And we are trying to get international repairers to Leuven as well. In that way, repairers from outside the Leuven borders can work together. Isn’t it cool? :slight_smile:

We repair broken items from 10 am to 10 pm.

Come and help us repairing that day. And also, invite other repairers you may know and ask them to join us! Let us know if you come, so we can draft a schedule to know who will be present to repair.

We hope to count with the collaboration of your repair café in the Repair marathon in Leuven.
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With best regards,

The MAAKbar team

Tiensestraat 226
3000 Leuven

0473 - 17 05 12

MAAKbar is brand new in Leuven and opens its doors on Monday 1 April 2019.

MAAKbar is:

  • a tool library
  • an atelier space to repair and upcycle on your own or with advice
  • workshops to learn how to repair and upcycle
  • bottom up: a citizens’ initiative, we run on volunteers to build the city together from the bottom up

Yes that will be a marathon - I fixed at the Big Fix in Exeter, UK yesterday for six hours and it was great fun!

I hope it goes well

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Wow, 10 to 10! I think feeding everyone really well will be key :slight_smile:

I love the ambition and call to participate across borders :eu: MAAKbar sounds a lot like Millor Que Nou in Barcelona @Andreu @Restarters_Barcelona

We’re about to undertake some research on Best Practice Across Europe to Accelerate the Circular Economy in the Electricals Sector for the London Waste and Recycling Board. Leuven/Barcelona could make a good case studies.