Data on failure of laptop components


I’ve come across an interesting report about failure rate of components in laptops:

  • Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices (by IDC, 2016)
    While sponsored by Panasonic, which has an interest as a manufacturer of a line of rugged devices, this report provides interesting data about failure rates of specific components in laptops (as well as tablets and smartphones), gathered by asking corporate employers - obviously not a universal source, but interesting nonetheless. I recommend the whole report, but here is an interesting bit:


This data comes from interviewing IT managers? What size companies? I think households might have very different results… In past Squaretrade and Consumer Reports have released failure rate data on consumer laptops, but I can’t find anything after 2015…


Data comes from interviewing ITDM (IT Decision Makers, I believe) from “organizations of all sizes and across a broad range of vertical industries, including public safety, retail, healthcare, transportation, and utilities.” - I agree households are likely to have rather different experiences. For our data dive on Open Data Day on computer repair data we’ll test using the categories for common failure in this report as a way to cluster and compare experience from Restart Party goers