Corporations Are Co-Opting Right-to-Repair

An interesting piece by Nathan Proctor (@nProctor - director of the Right to Repair Campaign for U.S. advocacy organisation PIRG) on Wired about how some companies seem to be pivoting to undermine the Right to Repair campaign (at least in the USA) by offering some additional repair options that they largely control.

I wonder what an effective response would be to counter this kind of manoeuvring…

It is part of a wider business movement towards ‘a shift to services’, which enables companies to expand their ‘value chain’ and continue to create/extract value after the sale. Service solutions are much more complex than simple manufacturing solutions, so they are likely to be making small incremental moves. Very few companies have made any real move. An effective response might be one that creates a ‘win - win’, but that probably requires some regulatory incentives too.