Computer reuse projects - which ones do you know of?

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There remains to be a large need for computers and laptops for students, those shielding and many others in need. Local charities and community groups have responded to this. They are doing a great job at collecting donations, updating and fixing laptops and distributing them to those in need of a working device. :computer:

We’d like to collect information about these initiatives and curate a list on our website. With this, we hope to give the projects more visibility and encourage more people to donate their old devices or get involved fixing them. We are particularly looking for small or community initiatives - those that take donations from individuals!

For this, we need your help! Do you know of local initiatives that reuse computers and laptops? Is your Restart group or Repair Cafe even running such a project themselves?
:exclamation: Let us know!

These are the projects we’re aware of so far:


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Thanks Angel, we’d like to focus on local initiatives, because they are most accountable to the beneficiaries and most likely to benefit from volunteers and donations from our network. Also the need is great here now and it’s a good way of raising awareness about waste and inequality.


Sophie who set up the Edinburgh Remakery is involved in a new computer reuse project in Glasgow


There is the Mildmay Refurbishment Hub in London
You can see more info at
It is what is called here Computer Aid Islington.
They are still taking donations and from September, they will be running free computer repair workshops for the community.


@Miriam_Adcock and @Mercedes thank you for sharing!

In London, there’s also @Tom_Kenny who was asking about setting up something similar as part of the Kensington & Chelsea mutual aid group here:

Are we focusing on the UK or hoping to map initiatives outside the UK too?

If so, @Datam at Repair Café Gent has been working on a laptop reuse project here. And I think @Manu_RepairTogether might have more info on initiatives in Wallonia

In Wallonia, the LinkUP project take donations from individuals.
There are also bigger initiatives like DigitalForYouth but they work with businesses


We are live! :tada:

Here you can find the overview of all community initiatives that take laptop donations.
On the page, you’ll also find a form with which you can suggest a project to be listed.

Please share this with your communities! We’d like to spread the word on donation options and list as many projects as possible :laptop:

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