Compressed Air Gadget vs Can (Experience?)

Repairers quite often ask for some compressed air for sorting keyboard issues and other things. I was just researching buying a can of compressed air, and came across compressed air gadgets…just wondered if anyone has any experience of using one? If they last a long time and are effective, wondering if they’re better than buying cans?

Any tips/experience to share?

No personal experience, I’ve only used the cans or the air blowers, but there’s a bit of previous discussion on these here:


Perfect…hadn’t found that thread, but that answers all my questions.

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Never used one but we had one at Wild Thyme for cleaning the fridges and freezers. When I sold it the guy who bought it from us was very thorough to check it, he said they can break/puncture and perish quite quickly. There are quite a few on market place but would definitely need to be checked over and tested before buying
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