Compelling, timely evidence that people want more repairable products (in UK, EU)

.@isabel and I wrote up two recent reports with polling data that support government ensuring we have access to more repairable products, what we called for in the Manchester Declaration

If you’d like more information on the European measures, we have links to great analysis from partners in Brussels. There is also a webinar that @ugo presented to, on the same topics, representing the perspective of community repair activists.

Watch this space, as we and partners in Brussels are readying one last push to defend these product standards before December and January. @ugo was there yesterday and is staying on today.

In the meantime, what other materials or explainers might be useful, for use at a grassroots level?


As an aside, we are all aware that many of these ‘tech’ companies pay close to ‘zero’ tax. So, as well as hitting their own consumers, they have a negative impact on wider services. By enabling repair an entire ecosystem of commercial repairs can be established providing meaningful jobs and pay and taxes to support the community. So, the benefit is several fold.