📞 Community Call test run [live video/audio 6:30-7pm]

Hi everyone,

We’re running a test video/audio call right here in this discussion from 2019-06-17T17:30:00Z to 2019-06-17T18:00:00Z.

:warning: The call has now finished. Thanks to @Ian_Barnard (x3 :wink: ) , @Janet and @Ugo for helping test it! If you’re interested in joining a community call, we’d love to hear from you. Have a quick read of this discussion where we have some basic questions.

[The video appeared here]

The idea is to test the technology and, if it works, briefly discuss these questions:

  1. What kinds of topics would you like to cover in these calls?
  2. What days/times would generally work for you? (e.g. weekday or weekend? Any days in particular? Morning, afternoon or evening?)
  3. We’re thinking of running these once every two months to start with. What do you think?

NOTE: please make sure you’re using the forum’s default light theme (if you’ve never changed the theme, you don’t have to worry about this)

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Just to say that we thought Jitsi performed quite well on desktop and mobile, once we turned down the video image quality. (We’re looking into a way to doing that by default.)

Thanks so much to @Ian_Barnard for participating and helping to test it all out. We’ll be scheduling regular community calls (as above) — and attempting to livestream our skillshares @Ten @benski.