Capturing the experience with the Fixometer

On whiteboards during Restart Parties and in the fixometer we capture what happens to the devices, nothing about the experience. What about adding one field/question such as ‘Name one thing that you learnt?’

With only one thing, it should help make it snappy. That would be about the person’s experience and not their device’s.

(I really hesitated which category to post that to.)

We capture that type of data in our registration and feedback forms. Granted, we need it for funders, but it’s also inspiring and reminds us why the heck we’re doing this!

Shall I post the form on here for posterity, if nothing else?

That’s a nice idea as it emphasises the point that Restart Parties are about sharing skills and empowering people to learn and try things themselves, and to foster community spirit.

It ties into some discussions we’ve had about capturing more information in general from people who bring their devices. Including more long-term follow-up questionnaires to look into how it might change people’s behaviours. Karel and Jeff from Leuven are quite interested in this.

Here’s a related thread:

Yes please!

I know also of Restarters Barcelona, Fixit Clinics in the US, and Farnham Repair Cafe doing check-ins/registration and check-outs/feedback. Would be interesting to see how it all compares.

Where/when do you capture that info Jon? e.g. is it an online form that might be filled in advance, or a paper form filled at the event?

I view it as a distinct, although related, idea to the ‘Encouraging participant involvement during an event’ and post event detailed questionnaire. Something more like the smiley face, but for people. Quick to capture, but ideally also informative hence the suggestion of ‘once thing learnt’.

Great thread!

I’ve continued the discussion over here (as I think it will have more visibility there)