Can you predict reparability?

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as a datascientist, I have been exploring the open dataset (what a great tool!) in order to generate insights and also build a reparability predictor tool with fancy machine learning:
you can check the article here:

any comment, please let me know

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Great to see your writeup and thanks for sharing!

It’s really exciting to see the Open Repair dataset being downloaded and used like this, this is exactly the power of open data. And thanks for sharing the Jupyter notebook at

I haven’t had chance to read through in detail yet, but look forward to discussing further when I do. I’m sure others like @Monique @Steve_Cook @Lewis_Crouch @Elena et al will be interested, too :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your inspiring story and example! This is exactly what future development of the tools should enable! Not only for data scientists but also for the other citizens and repair initiatives! #sharepair

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