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Have you heard about “International Repair Day 2023 - CC4D”?

The International Repair Day (IRD) was established in 2017 to promote the value and importance of repairing including at community events like Repair Cafés or Restart Parties. The event occurs annually on the third Saturday in October. In Africa the IRD is not yet known hence many people are unaware of it.

Last year CC4D organized a public event in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Uganda to commemorate the International Repair Day attended by UNHCR, Community leaders and Humanitarian organizations and this year we are planning to conduct two events in Uganda and South Sudan since we have extended our services back home.

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Congratulations, Mathew!
It was interesting to hear by you about your projects and activities.
I wish you all the best, and will try to help you as I can.
And I hope to see you soon.

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