Call for action for a YT video

Hello! I am currently in the middle of YouTube video production that aims to illuminate the potential viewer on the problem of the mass production/mass consumption madness of phones / how phone manufacturers slow down the transition to repairable future… I thought to end the video with a sort of call for action, that is - what a common mortal (read consumer) can do to contribute to make right to repair happen - I contacted the R2R Europe team, yet I am still waiting for answer, maybe somebody here knows? Also somebody familiar with the US R2R movement and what mortals in US can do to make it happen there? Thanks!

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Hi @Jiri_Krejci,

Thanks for reaching out to us - Restart is a founding member of the European Right to Repair Campaign, and I’m happy to respond. Firstly, it’d be great if your initiative could join the Campaign :slight_smile: we don’t yet have members in Estonia

In terms of call to actions for the video, it depends on the type of video you’re doing. I can think of a few, not all might be as directly relevant:

  • Learn more about Right to Repair and support the European Right to Repair Campaign
  • Start campaigning in Estonia (? in case that’s a goal of your video?)

And then a couple of practical suggestions:

  • If you have a broken product, and you can’t get it fixed anywhere, share your story on social media #righttorepair
  • Before buying a product, learn more about its repairability

These are just some ideas, happy to chat more! :slight_smile:

To add what Ugo said, if you’re also interested in signposting US viewers to take action, the US campaign has a page with suggestions for getting involed:

I look forward to seeing the video Jiri!

Alex, I hadn’t seen that Greenpeace video before, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Great that they touch on many of the key issues with smartphone production & consumption! Though I wish they’d had a stronger call to action at the end and listed practical solutions, such as repair (I wonder how many people understand what ‘circular economy’ means for example).

Alex, James, and Ugo Thank You for your replies! Ugo, yes we somehow failed to register already ages ago! I am sure it was planned but somehow it must have been forgotten! I’ll fix it right away. The aim of the video is basically winge how phone manufacturers are useless at producing durable, modular and fixable phones (this fact I demonstrate while trying fixing my phone - I have zero experience in such jobs) and that they seem to be needing a support/help from citizens to start to manufacture phones so even a relative noob like myself would theoretically manage to fix it. There comes the call for action - if the viewer believes that it should be so (phones modular, fixable etc.) here are things to do - 1,2,3 For now I thought - First, Choose fixable phone (preferable second hand) with help of, Second, Try to fix it, if local repair shop offers you price that is as high as new phone / just too high try to either fix it your self or visit local makerspace/fablab/restart party/repair cafe Third - and here comes your part - if in EU join the r2r either by - donating, signing up - but is there something else a normal citizen can do? And in US to 1,2,3 xyz - I have sent an email to, they fowarded me to who fowarded me back to :smile: But I guess this stand-up campaign according to ones state is the thing to do.

Alex thank You for the video my message will be similar, only devil and traped souls will be included in the underlining narrative

James, you are just the best! Thank You for helping! I will also take the good point of simplifying the info so indeed every potential viewer migh get it - (eg. unpackage what a circural economy might mean)


here, i kinda forgot to post the final result… here it is

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