Building a Local Repair Directory in Bengaluru

Hi Repair Cafe Bengaluru is actively working with the advocacy and well being of local repairers in the city. We provide recommendations to our citizens whenever they want to get their stuff repaired. Now we want to use information technology for constant feedback, active database, easier to share details. What kind of platform do you sugguest?

Hi Purna! That’s exciting. Have you seen the Repair Directory we are building in London?

We use it to maintain a list of recommended businesses, and it is publicly searchable by citizens.

We make the software that runs the directory ourselves - it is open source, and it integrates with - it would be great to discuss with you if we can help you use it in Bengaluru. I think @Vanessa_Ternes @ugo and @James_Diamond who currently maintain the London directory will be interested to hear about this, too :slight_smile:


Thanks Neil for your suggestions. Can we talk about it via conference say on webex and I will be happy to organize one meeting…Please sugguest when will you be interested to talk…give me option of suitable time and date. Share your too.Purna