Brilliant ad campaign - inspiration? share your ideas


I ran into Swedish company Oatly’s campaign, giving away free oatmilk and “illegal cookies” in Brixton this morning.

I ate the cookie, so I just photographed the napkin.

At Fixfest 2017, there was a call for more “naughtiness” and more creativity in the repair movement.

We obviously don’t have £700k like Oatly, but what could our equivalent be?

  • “Unauthorised repairer” badge/t-shirt
  • “I fixed this ‘vintage’ machine because the manufacturer wouldn’t” sticker



This is an advert from 1980. I guess some ideas are just destined to repeat :wink:


… or how about a rubber stamp instead of a sticker (less waste etc.)? “Defiantly repaired by …”


I remember seeing a t-shirt that said, “I void warranties” and had several different bits pictured.

A stamp would be cool for when a sticker may not work or last very long, textiles comes to mind.

A sticker similar to the ,“I voted,” sticker would be fun around election time.


Absolutely, I was thinking that each of these stickers could be offered up as a stamp or a stencil for super DIY people…

I was wondering whether iFixit could be convinced to join forces on this, and help retail them too, as we currently don’t have a store and don’t really need one.


I’ve changed the thread name, so we can use this to share disruptive and effective ad campaigns.

Did everyone in the UK see this? Advert with Iceland’s branding (budget grocery store that has banned palm oil in its products) was deemed “too political” by regulator in the UK. It promptly went viral online.

Greenpeace originally made this video, it was banned, and then Iceland “rebadged” the video and tried again. Interesting that the two were willing to work together for “the cause”. (In the end Iceland got most publicity out of it, but the cause got super visibility.)

Getting banned - or “in trouble” can be an amazing tactic. (As the Oatly campaign above shows.)


That was a pretty heavy advertisement. As the podcasts mention, it is easy to overlook an issue that we don’t see everyday.

I think if we had someone make a .svg file of a stamp idea, a laser cutter or cnc could cut it out of foam. Maybe a “REPAIRED” stamp similar to a Mythbuster style font. It is midnight right now and I should be in bed, so I will see if I can come up with something tomorrow. I don’t want to be victim of the “good idea fairy” and offer suggestions without trying to offer a follow through.


I like the idea of open-sourcing any stickers / badges / stencils that we create, and especially for digital fabrication!


So I have been trying to fumble through GIMP and make a stamp template, but I have almost not skill in there. I did, however, find this video about carving your own stamp -

I think this could be a cool way for different regions to stamp repairs - different stamps for each group/region. I think a sticker with empty spots to fill in a repair date and location, similar to how some new items have the ‘inspected by:’ stickers or labels inside.