Big Give 2023

Hi all,

We’ll be participating in the Big Give again this year. The Big Give is a week (20-27th April) when donations that we generate will be matched, so we’re keen to generate as many donations as we can!

Would any of you be up for helping with this? We wondered if you could encourage donations for Restart in any events you have between now and April 27th? Or even if you’d be interested in running a fundraising event? Or of course publicising the ask to your networks during the week would be really helpful too.

We’ll be producing shareable content, including feel good repair stories, if you’re interested in collaborating we’d be happy to work with you on tailored stories that relate to your work?

Or if you’re running your own Big Give campaign, let us know and we’ll publicise that too.

Any help would be much appreciated, please let me know if you’re interested in helping.