Bans on right-to-repair promoting users of OEM-run support forums

This has been a recurrent topic in our community - OEM-run support forums banning volunteer contributors for revealing problems with designs, helping other users circumvent these problems, and/or promoting independent repair solutions.

I believe we’ve mentioned Lenovo in past, right @benski?

Apple has notoriously banned all discussion of third-party data recovery. And Jessa Jones (iPad Rehab) shared how she’s been banned. Here she tells the sad story of another Level 7 contributor who was banned

Wondering whether there is more that can be done here?

The ban seems like such a powerful — and negative — act. Wondering if we could track and champion a group of those Banned from Forums. A bit like the “I void warranties” stickers. Turn it into a positive thing…?


Wouldn’t it be awful if lots of people started using burner email addresses to flood the Apple support forum with messages about all the good stuff that 3rd party repair can do.

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Seems like a highly surveilled and moderated space! Wouldn’t last long but I suppose it could be good online stunt :wink:

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