Australian commission backs Right to Repair for agricultural equipment

Earlier this week, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) published a report backing Right to Repair measures for agricultural equipment.

The report finds that the restricted access to software tools, technical information, and service manuals and parts held by manufacturers is limiting competition in repair markets. It also finds that warranties can limit competition by discouraging the use of independent repairers.

It makes a number of recommendations, suggesting that Right to Repair legislation should include requirements for manufacturers to:

  • grant access to diagnostic software tools and parts to independent repairers on commercially reasonable terms
  • have a sufficient supply of parts readily available in Australia for a defined period from the date of the sale agreement
  • provide purchasers with information about how long a certain software system will be supported.

Read a summary of the report from US Pirg:

Read the original report:

Are there any more useful write-ups @Mend_It_Australia?


Thanks, James!

Mend It, Australia made a brief submission to this study back in May 2020 [a lockdown task for us]. It was welcome news this week that the findings from the ACCC have finally been published. No, we are not farmers however we wanted to support the farmers!

What is promising for us all, not just Aussies, is the bigger picture and connections that this report made between the motor vehicle sharing of parts and information and the current Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into an Australian Right to Repair across all products.

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Karen and Danny Ellis