Apprenticeship in repair?

This looks interesting.


Hi James,

Indeed! Here is some more information about the scheme:

It looks like 31 people graduated from it into jobs within TMT:

For the company, this clearly fills a need for people skilled in specific repairs (and refurbishing, as they also do that). They’re an authorised Samsung repair centre, although they also do some Apple repairs.

It’d be interesting to understand what’s the level of demand for more qualified repair technicians in the repair ecosystem as a whole - including the micro-SMEs which we tend to focus on.

As part of the European Right to Repair Campaign, we’ll shortly be launching a survey part of a study on the sector - including in the UK - which is trying to look at what barriers exist on the growth of the repair sector, including skills…

Connecting skill shortages, training opportunities with the growing interest in more permanent spaces for repair, such as Fixing Factories, and with the work that organisations such as Mer-IT do seem like a promising next step.