Appealing for repairers - images for electrical/electronic/laptop repair?

I’m starting up a Repair Cafe where I live. We have a FB page and we just asked for helpers for sewing repair, and the response was great, see

Now I really need a similar type of image but for electrical/electronic/laptop repair.

I think the Sewer image got a good response because it’s someone looking into camera who is doing a sewing repair.

Does anyone have similar-ish (conceptually) images I can use for electrical/electronic/laptop repair? I’m guessing I want an image with someone doing the repair and looking into camera because that’s going to give the best connection.

I’d prefer images without overlaid text so I can add my own.

Maybe these type of images would be useful have a library of?


You might be able to find something in one of our Flickr albums? I think the majority are under a creative commons license:

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Thanks, Neil - I should be able to use one of these, with attribution.


See also our Facebook page see post on Big Fix.


This is a great thread. We would encourage groups sharing images to license them for reuse - it’s an amazing way to spread repair. We use this Creative Commons license:

Meanwhile, if you can brief your photographers, we have these top tips

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